Watching for Foxes is an apparition, an ode to tales of yore coming to vibrant yet elusive life here and now. Bending biography by infusing existential banter and folk motifs, the band is constantly pushing boundaries both sonically and lyrically in the pursuit of the portrayal of true feeling. Like a stack of old letters hiding deep in a drawer, tattered and rumpled from frantic use, the stories Watching for Foxes tells are equal parts cosmic myth and divine truth; memories you only unearth when you need to laugh, or cry, or on a rainy day lit up by a candle flame’s pyre, or on the day that your home is bleeding and on fire. 

With the release of the band’s debut full length album, Undone Bird, Watching for Foxes brings new and exciting elements to their sound, one that is incapable of genre confinement. Lush with beautiful progressions, a dynamic roots rock feel, and resounding choruses, the album boasts the aesthetic of indie folk anthems coupled with the ethereal angst of modern rock. Drawing heavily from an intoxicating mix of poetry, personal experience and Beat literature, the songs of Undone Bird are diverse and distinguishable. At it's core stands a concept album delving into love and loss, transition and transcendence. Most importantly, the band never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from. 

Starting in early 2014, Watching for Foxes consisted of friends that grew up together in Fremont, MI rehearsing in their vacant high school, in their old math classroom. With a move to Grand Rapids and the slow additional of extra guitars, strings, and keys, cacophony of sound exploded, creating a unique and powerful sonic landscape in which their songs about heartbreak, rebellion, and discovery can thrive. Drawing from artists who seamlessly blend the genres like folk and alternative country with a hard-edged rock sensibility, including Band of Horses, Father John Misty, Noah Gundersen, Bon Iver, Bright Eyes, Ben Howard, and Manchester Orchestra, Watching for Foxes hopes their evolution and ambition, coupled with the incessant gigging that has allowed them to support throughout the Midwest the likes of Langhorne Slim, Larry and His Flask, Joseph, Saintseneca, and Roadkill Ghost Choir, will vault theband to new heights.

"We love playing music together,” said Frendo, “and we want this to be our entrance into doing music for a living; we work really hard at what we do. Our songs yearn to be heard, to tell our stories, and inspire others to do the same." 

Arguably the band with the most buzz...This folk-rock ensemble out of Grand Rapids has crafted a cinematic showcase of emotion packed with as many memorable hooks as it has moving, existential passages.
— Revue Magazine
Geoffrey Kartes, cellist of Watching for Foxes, is an NS Design Endorsed Artist

Geoffrey Kartes, cellist of Watching for Foxes, is an NS Design Endorsed Artist


Member Names: 

Joey Frendo (vocals)

Jared Meeuwenberg (guitar) 

Geoffrey Kartes (cello/vocals)



Few bands can replicate the lugubrious beauty of folk-rock’s Watching for Foxes.
— John Sinkevics | Local Spins

Live at River City Studios

Song Time Codes: 

(Tentative (PT. II and PT. II) 09:50) 
(Two Lovers 16:52) (Undone Bird 23:24)  
(Bad Kids 35:55) (The Hunt/The Kill 48:05)
(Freedom Hymn 54:38)

Watching For Foxes make every song feel like it’s that half-triumphant, half-weary, all-around cathartic march up the hilly knoll towards the unknowable-yet-still-hope-splashed horizon, as if every song were the build up to the closing credits of the indie-arthouse film of the story to your life.
— Jeff Milo (Detroit Free Press, Paste) | Deep Cutz


manager: Jennifer Fodor: jenniferfodor[at]

booking agent: Joy Collingbourne: The M.O.B. Agency: joy[at]


email: watchingforfoxes[at]



Twitter: @watchingIVfoxes